Monday, March 9, 2009


Last week, I took the 15 Bus from Uphams Corner to Dudley Square. A girl that got on behind me started talking to her friend, maybe 15 or 16, already sitting in the back and going through a bunch of papers. 

"Whatchu doin'?"

"I'm just studying for the MCAS.  I have to take that and I'm like freaking out right now."

"Yeah, that's hard ain't it?"


"Yo, did you hear about []?"

"Yeah, that's crazy. I heard he was ejected out of the car during the accident."

"Yeah, although they were saying he was talking to his friend after the accident so I don't know how that could be based on what happened."

"Yeah. Do you think they are going to have an open casket?  I heard they weren't going to.  One of my friends that I know got kidnapped was tortured and they had a closed casket. So I don't know.  But then you know [] who got shot in the head and they had an open casket at his funeral so I don't even know how they do that."

"Wow, that's so crazy.  I don't even know.  I can't believe [].  She just had her first baby and now her man's gone.  Crazy.  I don't even what she's going to do."

"Yeah, I don't know," she said softly.  After a few moments, she tucked her MCAS papers into her bookbag, said goodbye, and walked off down Dudley Street.

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Talia's Blog said...

Damn! That convestation was so morbid. How can a young person focus on MCAS when the world is falling apart around them...

That's isn't a multiple choice question... There is only one answer... They can't!