Monday, June 8, 2009


On Friday afternoon, as I got off the 15 Bus in Uphams Corner, I saw Officer Monteiro ride quickly up towards a group of teens gathered on the sidewalk. 

"Hey everybody, what's up?"  "Nothin, how you doin'?"  "I'm good.  What's everybody up to tonight?"  "Ahhh you know, just chillin'."

He moved on to the next group, congregated in front of the liquor store.  "Hey [], what you doin' in front of the liquor store, you're too young to be drinkin'," he said playfully.  "And [], what are you doing out here?" he asked an older man he knew well. Don't you get drunk on me tonight, [].  I don't want you and me to have to meet up later, alright?" 

After, he moved on to the next group, riding and beeping his horn, talking to everyone he saw.  Everyone knew him, everyone talked to him, and it made me so happy to see him out there. 

It's a no-brainer that this is the best way to create a good bond between residents and police; a bond that is critical in communities touched by violence.  Although we don't see it nearly enough in Boston, luckily in my neighborhood we have Officer Monteiro.

As I turned up Virginia Street, two young men pulled up in a car.  Officer Monteiro looked in, recognized them, and screamed, "CLASS OF 2009, BABY!!!!  Whoooooooo!!"

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